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Bhas 42 Cell Transformation Assay (CTA)

The Bhas 42 cell promoter transformation assay is a sensitive short-term system for predicting chemical carcinogenicity related to transformation promotion activity. Bhas 42 cells were established from BALB/c 3T3 A31-1-1 cells by the transfection of v-Ha-ras gene. As the Bhas 42 cell line is already considered to be initiated, only the promotor assay is required with this model.

Test results derived from the Bhas 42 Cell Transformation Assay (Bhas 42 CTA) are expected to be used as part of a testing strategy and/or in a weight of evidence approach for predicting carcinogenic potential. When employed in combination with other information such as genotoxicity data, structural-activity analysis and pharmaco-/toxicokinetic information, the Bhas 42 CTA can contribute to the assessment of carcinogenic potential (ICH S1B(R1) (2023) and OECD GD 231).



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