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Histology procedures & testing (outsourced)

Enjoy uninterrupted histologic service to meet any of your outsourcing or contracting needs, ranging from non-regulatory investigatory projects to large GLP/GCP compliant studies. 

Specialist histologists, supported by other members of the pathology team, ensure the quality presentation of microscopic slides. 

Tissue testing is routinely done using histological procedures, which preserve the tissue structure and shape for investigative purposes. Samples are trimmed, and processed overnight to remove excess water, replacing the water with wax to form a solid block. Thin, translucent layers are then sliced from the block using a specialized precision cutting machine (microtome) and set on a glass slide for examination under a microscope. Different stains (e.g., Hematoxylin & Eosin) are applied to accentuate particular areas of the tissue being examined, depending on your requirements and protected permanently with a coverslip fixed to the slide.

The histology team offers an ever-expanding range of specialized scientific procedures e.g., special stains, cryotomy, extended bone preparations, developmental & reproductive toxicology, neurotoxicity and inhalation techniques. 

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