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Osmotic & iPrecio® Pump (ocular implants)

Osmotic and iPrecio® implants can be used for ocular studies. 

These implantable pumps deliver a therapeutic agent in vivo while the model is undisturbed, recording parameters. Small, concentrated doses of the test therapy (within the nanoliter to microliter range) are instilled by the pump directly into the intraocular space, while avoiding animal distress of repeat intraocular injections.

iPRECIO® micro pumps are programmable and refillable; a micro-motor drives a peristaltic-like movement to release the therapy. Osmotic pumps are single-use and rely on osmotic displacement to diffuse the therapy.

These reservoir-based systems may be implanted within a subcutaneous pocket in the lateral fornix or subconjunctivally, depending on the study. Often one eye can hold the therapy, allowing the other to be a control.


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