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Retic assays: Percentage of absorption (%H, %M, %L)

The percentage of absorption retics is calculated using automated analyzers, including flow cytometers, which evaluate reticulocytes based on optical scatter or fluorescence (after the RBCs are treated with fluorescent dyes or nucleic acid stains to stain residual RNA in the reticulocytes). 

Assays typically measure the high absorption percentage (%H retic); the medium absorption percentage (%M retic) and the low absorption percentage (%L retic).  

The following three types of retics and their calculations are available to support drug development and research studies:  

  • % high absorption reticulocytes = (100 x (#HRetic ÷ RETIC Count))
  • % medium absorption reticulocytes = (100 x (#MRetic ÷ RETIC Count))
  • % low absorption reticulocytes = (100 x (#LRetic ÷ RETIC Count))

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