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Anti-tussive Citric Acid-Induced Cough

Guinea Pigs are the lowest sentient species with a robust cough reflex. Administration of nebulized citric acid results in an induction of a robust cough response.

Due to the variability of the response in Guinea Pigs, animals are pre-screened, the lowest and highest responders are removed from study and the animals are randomised based on cough count.

Inhibition of inflammatory pain and cough by a novel charged sodium channel blocker 

Tochitsky I, Sooyeon, J, Andrews, N; Kotoda, M; Doyle, B; Shim, J; Talbot, Sebastien; D, Roberson; Lee, J; Haste, L; Jordan, S; Levy, B; Bean, B; Woolf, C, Br J Pharmacol, 2021 Oct;178(19)3905-3923 doi: 10,11/bph.15531.

Study Design

Dunkin Hartley Guinea Pig

Model Anti-Tussive Citric Acid Induced Cough using automated Cough Count Whole Body Plethysmography
Relevant Use Screening new candidate anti-tussive drugs for the treatment of chronic cough
Readouts Available Automated Cough Count, Non-invasive respiratory parameters including respiratory rate, tidal volume, minute volume and PenH

Study data generated by Labcorp Huntingdon Pharmacology.