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Chlorine Induced Lung Injury

Chlorine Gas Injury can lead to epithelial injury, airway remodelling and potentially ARDS. Inhalation models of chlorine toxicity provide unique opportunities for testing potential pharmacologic rescue agents.

Labcorp’s chlorine exposure model has demonstrated significant increases in tidal volume, penh and lower respiratory rates, lung odema, increases in BAL IL-1β, MIP-1α, MCP-1 and clinical signs.

Chlorine Induced Lung Injury
Study Design

SD rat

Model Chlorine Induced Lung Injury
Relevant Use Assessing the efficacy of novel compounds targeted at chemical lung injury
Readouts Available Clinical signs, bodyweight, Lung function (WBP and invasive), lung oedema, BAL differential cell counts, and BAL cytokines, histopathology

Study data generated by Labcorp Huntingdon Pharmacology.