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Model of Invasive Aspergillosis in Immunocompromised Mice

Aspergillus is a common filamentus fungi and infection can result in three main types of bronchopulmonary aspergillosis; invasive aspergillosis, chronic aspergillosis, and allergic aspergillosis. Invasive aspergillosis affects severely immunocompromised patients and can lead to nearly 100 % mortality if left untreated.

Mice undergo an immunosuppression regimen and are administered fungi suspended in saline; model length can be manipulated by adjustment of the initial fungal load. At termination fungal load can be confirmed using the clinically relevant surrogate biomarker Galactomannan.

day post A. fumigatus administration chart
Study Design

C57BL/6J mouse

Model Invasive aspergillosis in immunocompromised mice
Relevant Use Efficacy of novel antifungals
Readouts Available Daily Bodyweights and Clinical Signs, fungal load, BAL differential cell counts, BAL cytokines and Pathology (H&E and PAS).

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