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COPD: LPS neutrophil chemotaxis model (inhaled)

A key hallmark of COPD is airway neutrophilia – administration of LPS induces neutrophil chemotaxis to the lungs.

In the short (1 day) acute model of inflammation, LPS can be administered as either a nebulized aerosol or via the intratracheal route. 

Validated positive controls – budesonide, dexamethasone, roflumilast and fluticasone propionate.

COPD: LPS neutrophil chemotaxis model (inhaled)
Study Design

SD rat, Balb/c mouse, C57BL/6J mouse, guinea pig

Model LPS induced Neutrophil Chemotaxis
Relevant Use Assessing novel anti-inflammatories
Readouts Available BAL differential cell counts and BAL cytokines

Study data generated by Labcorp Huntingdon Pharmacology.