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Asthma: House Dust mite – Chronic model

Chronic exposure to House Dust mite (HDM) is a clinically relevant allergen associated with allergic disorders such as asthma. Chronic HDM exposure induces allergic responses such as AHR, BAL eosinophilia, allergic cytokines and raised systemic IgE as well as histopathological changes and airway remodelling.

Validated positive controls in this model include prednisolone, dexamethasone and roflumilast.  

Study Design

Balb/c mouse

Model House dust mite (3-5 week model)
Relevant Use Assessing the efficacy of novel treatments for Asthma
Readouts Available Lung Function (non-invasive and invasive), AHR assessment, BAL differential cell counts, BAL cytokines, histopathology

Study data generated by Labcorp Huntingdon Pharmacology.