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COPD: Acute Tobacco Smoke Model (5, 12 or 17 Day)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major public health problem and is a leading cause of death worldwide. The tobacco smoke model is an established model for the assessment of compounds for COPD.

Twice daily tobacco smoke exposure for 4, 12 or 17 days (animals are culled approximately 24 hours after the final administration of smoke) results in increases in BAL inflammatory cells, inflammatory cytokines and mild emphysema.

COPD: Acute Tobacco Smoke Model (5, 12 or 17 Day)
Study Design

Balb/c mouse/C57Bl6 mice

Model Acute Tobacco Smoke Model
Relevant Use Assessing the efficacy of novel compounds targeted at COPD
Readouts Available BAL differential cell counts and BAL cytokines, pathology

Study data generated by Labcorp Huntingdon Pharmacology.